Seeking:  Financial support and/or Support in Kind:  Cleaning, preservation, maintenance, painting, repairs.


One of the primary goals of the Millmerran Museum is to provide long-term preservation and interpretation of the symbols of our rural heritage. Unique among these “symbols” are the ten historic buildings and numerous outbuildings that house many of the Museum’s collections.


The Museum offers opportunities for businesses and private individuals to work with us to save these treasured reminders of Millmerran’s past through our “Adopt-A-Building” program.


The Museum’s pioneer village comprises a community of vintage 19th and 20th centre structures that range from the inspirational St Mark’s Presbyterian then Uniting Church from Kooroongarra to the Bringalily School house.  Other buildings spread throughout the village include the Lavelle Hall with its treasure trove of memorabilia, the Kooroongarra Post office, Shepherds Hut, Cream Shed, Shearing Shed, The Blacksmiths, Ron Houston Collection shed, and the main building which was once the Millmerran Shire Council offices.  

While each of these buildings serve as a present-day nostalgic reminder of a less-complicated past, you can help us ensure that they are preserved so that future generations can celebrate Millmerran’s past as well as appreciate the challenges and pleasures of rural life as represented in our pioneer village.  

Your financial support, or your support-in-kind (cleaning, undertaking repairs, preservation of items, etc.) will ensure that the epic story of Millmerran’s forbearers resonates today and into the future with all who visit our magnificent museum.



When you contribute to our Adopt-A-Building Program, your donation will be used solely for the preservation and maintenance of the building and its contents.  As we are a registered Charity, your financial donation is tax deductible.  All donors will receive lifetime museum membership.    

To arrange an appointment to inspect the buildings and to discuss your contribution, however large or small, please send us an email via our CONTACT page.