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The Western Creek Station Account Journals 1898 - 1940

These journals were kept during the Butler management period of Western Creek Station. Before they left the district in June 2022, they were copied and digitalised so they could be made available to the public.  They are a valuable resource for family history researchers as well as historians in general.  

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Millmerran & District Schools from 1863 - Map by Christine Turner

An A3 colour print of the 1.8 mt country school map that was mounted on the Museum's old school house verandah wall in 2023.    

$5 - Available from Historical Society bookshop

(Postage to be advised)


The Western Creek Internment Camps of World War II - Millmerran's Hidden History by Christine Turner

This book was published by the Society in 2022.  Part 1 documents the journey to find the location of the internment camps that were set up in Western Creek State Forest in 1942, based initially on only anecdotal accounts as passed down from old-timers, now deceased. It chronicles the internee's day-to-day experience and highlights the injustice of the internment policy of the time.  In Part 2, readers are taken on a historic tour from Millmerran to the site of the camps.  It includes some history of the area's Indigenous tribe, the Bigambul, Turallin, Glenferrie Station, the Rabbit Fence and its boundary riders and Western Creek Station. It concludes with history of Western Creek State Forest, and a list of the flora and fauna found in the area.  There is a section on safe touring of the State Forest, a fold-out Map and a Map Guide.  $20 - Plus postage $14 (for up to 3 books). 



This book is also available for sale at the Millmerran Visitor Information Centre and the Millmerran Community Support Service.  

Book1 4.jpg

Water Baby - the Yandilla Station Steam Launch by Grant Uebergang

Published by the Society in 1992.  From the Foreword: "Here is presented a history of a remarkable and unique feat in nineteenth century inland marine technology.  Water Baby was the only vessel of its type to be built on the Darling Downs last century.  Most of the parts were manufactured in the Yandilla Station blacksmith, displaying great skill on behalf of the architect and shipwright.  Designed initially as a management tool in assisting to rescue marooned sheep during floods in the years before a flood warning system, which advised of any impending danger, was in place along the Condamine River Valley.  In its heyday, Water Baby saved the lives of hundreds of expensive stud sheep, rescued people and personal possessions and kept the lines of communication open during floods.  Neglected for over 70 years, Water Baby was given a new lease of life in 1988 when the Millmerran Historical Society restored the hull..."    $16.50 - Plus postage $5

Book1 3.jpg

From Beauaraba to Back Creek: A history of the Pittsworth to Millmerran branch rail line 1911-2011 by Grant Uebergang

Published in 2011 by Grant Uebergang, this book includes a special focus on events from 1877 leading up to the opening of the line in 1911 to commemorate the centenary of the railway coming to Millmerran from Pittsworth.  A comprehensive history illustrated throughout.  134pp   $35 - Plus postage $14

Book1 1web.jpg

Millmerran On My Mind   Compiled by Harry Davidson Curtis 2018

First published by the Society in March 2013, Harry Curtis records "a compilation of memories" of Millmerran's past in great detail.  From the early 1930s to the 1950s it is an invaluable record of Millmerran town history.  $10 - Plus postage $5

Book1 2web.jpg

Millmerran Centenary Retirement Village "Yallambee"  The First Twenty Years by Harry Davidson Curtis 2015

In 1979, Harry Curtis was instrumental in presenting the idea of establishing a "Pioneers Village" retirement hostel as a Millmerran Centenary project.  His proposal was well received by the committee, endorsed, and the executive consisting of Paul Antonio (chairman), Nell Macqueen (secretary), Byron Ross and Harry were appointed to investigate Retirement Homes in other towns.  77 pages later, Harry documents Yallambee's 25 year journey.  $10 - Plus postage $5

Book1 2.jpg

Millmerran and some Four Footed Animals   Compiled by Harry Davidson Curtis 2018

Harry Curtis records more memories of his life in Millmerran;  this time, the four-footed animals that were a major part of the early years of living and existing in the town.   From the horse and sulky and house cow days, cattle sales, stock horses, sheep, the book contains a remarkable history of days gone by, in both words and images.  First published by the Society in March 2018.  $10 - Plus postage $5


Millmerran Pioneer Cookbook  Compiled by Millmerran & District Historical Society Inc.

In honour of the Millmerran Centenary 1881-1981, it was suggested that the Society compile a cookbook.  Proceeds from the sales of the cookbook assisted with the setting up and subsequent opening of our present museum in the old Shire Chambers Building.  A recipe committee was formed, and many people from the town and district contributed tried and true recipes from their family kitchens.  There are recipes for all culinary delights:  soups, fish, chicken meat, salads, vegetables and savouries, desserts, tarts, pies and pavlovas, cakes, biscuits and slices, sones, loaves and breads, jams, pickles and chutney, beverages, old favourites, miscellaneous, remedies and a guide for catering.  $15 - Plus postage $5

Book1 1.jpg

Perpetual Calendar  Compiled by Millmerran & District Historical Society Inc.

This calendar was produced to celebrate "the work and dedication of the forebears and community leaders of Millmerran and District whilst creating pride and an ongoing sense of achievement in the Millmerran community and encouragement for our youth", says Fay Twidale, then President of the Society.  Produced in 2013 in celebration of the Museum's main building (previously the Shire Chambers) 100 year anniversary, it contains historical dates, images of Millmerran's people, events, buildings and assets of historical significance.   $5Plus postage $5

Book1 5.jpg

Back Creek and Beyond - Millmerran's Story of Change 1881-1981   Edited by Nell Macqueen

Published in 1981, Back Creek & Beyond is... "the story of Millmerran;  what happened before it came into being, why it came into being, and how it continued to grow and live."   Chapters include:  Back Creek Stands Aside, The Legend of Owens Scrub, Yandilla, Western Creek, Canning Creek, Stonehenge, Condamine's River, Wool and Millmerran, Sawmilling, Edward Walpole, Faith in God, Schooling the Young, Making Cheese, Making Butter, The Honey Bee, Beef and Millmerran, The Pear Scourge, Pride and Patriotism, Supporting an Ambulance, The Good Times, The Sporting Times, Millmerran 1980, Past and Present, The Coal.  155pp. $15 Plus $5 postage

Book1 4web.jpg

A History of All Saints Anglican Church, Yandilla, Queensland   By Grant Uebergang

Published as a commemorative booklet for the 100th anniversary of the dedication of All Saints 1887-1987, Grant Uebergang writes... "This book has been written to instil a sense of awareness and interest in this church, the oldest building in the Millmerran Shire - a building in which the local community can take great pride and identify with the early settlement of Yandilla."  $22 - Plus postage $5

Book1 3web.jpg

Cecil Plains... Station, Selection and Settlement.   Edited by Harry Sally Bligh, Meredith Bloomfield, Ann Merson

First published by the Cecil Plains 1988 Bicentennial Committee, the book records the stories that illustrate the making of Cecil Plains from station to selection to settlement.  A tribute to the courage and tenacity of the men and women who have been and are the living history of Cecil Plains.   $10 - Plus postage $5 

Book1 7.jpg

Millmerran &* District Schools Centenary 1882-1982.   Compiled by Millmerran & District School Centenary Committee

This comprehensive history of the schools in Millmerran and district contains many early photographs of teachers, students and the country schools, all of which have been closed and re-located.  152 pp.  $10 - Plus postage $5.  We also have a number of secondhand copies available:  $5.  

Book1 9.jpg

Rocky Creek School Centenary 1897 - 1997   Compiled by The Reunion Committee

Compiled to coincide with the celebration of the Rocky Creek Sate School Centenary Reunion, the booklet contains a short history, memories of past pupils, photos of school days and more.     $10 - Plus postage $5 

Book1 6.jpg

Twenty-Five Years of Millmerran & District Historical Society Inc. 1978-2003   By Grant Uebergang

The constitution for our present Historical Society was formulated in 1977 by an eight-member Steering Committee comprised of:  Graham Goodall, Nell Macqueen, Val Vance, Lloyd Weedon, Bev Sandilands, Ernie Moffatt, Joan Muir and Mary Dooley.  This begins the story of the Society's first twenty-five years, a time when historical societies were "fashionable" given a renewed interest in genealogy and local history.  The book documents achievements during this time:  Town Centenary and Opening of Museum;  the Removal and Reopening of Lavelle Hall;  Historic Railmotor and Steam Train Trips; Restoration of Steam Launch Water Baby and the Bicentennial Celebrations and History Book 1988-1993;  Hosting the Darling Downs Small Museums Conference 2002;  Acquisition and removal of the Koorangarra Church to Museum grounds 2001;   A list of all members' names.  $5 - plus postage $5.

Book1 8.jpg

Millmerran Centennial Newspaper September 25 / October 4, 1981  Compiled by The Newspaper Committee

A mock-up Newspaper compiled for the Millmerran Centennial celebrations by the Committee:  Barry Evans, Val Harris, Nell Macqueen, Joan Muir, Joan Rogers - is a comprehensive history of the town, it's people, businesses and sport.  $1 

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